Our marriage was fraught with difficulties for the photographer. First, we organized it in 3 months. Also, for the choice of the photographer, I let play my instinct, rather objective, since I also work in the field of the image. Among fifteen photographers consulted, Jean-Baptiste has emerged. We met to freely discuss our expectations: it was on this occasion that a relationship of trust and professionalism was established quickly, and that we chose it.
I wanted Jean-Baptiste to do our couple photos before the civil ceremony (scheduled at 16h): the good weather was at the rendezvous and they were superb! Our wedding having taken place in winter, despite the light declining rapidly, I wanted to continue with the group photo after the ceremony: a successful goal and we could have photos of all the guests in small groups with us (it was a real more !).
After the trip to the place of the reception and dinner, Jean-Baptiste has adapted very well to the low light of the place by deploying his equipment (flashes) all around the room. He chained by the must of his coming: the photo-booth. We chose red as the background color and it was an excellent choice: the result almost surpassed our expectations because the guests were ready to play. Throughout his performance, Jean-Baptiste has managed his interventions effectively, both at the technical level and at the level of putting people in situation to obtain a perfect rendering. In addition, he was able to find the balance between shots on the spot (involving discretion) and staged (with courtesy and speed). In summary, we made the right choice for our wedding: his photos will leave us with an unforgettable memory.