I definitely recommend Studio Art Photographer, everything has been perfect from making contact until the delivery of the final photos.
Before the wedding, meetings to agree on the way of working and expectations of each.
Then, during the wedding, a perfect professionalism: we feel that there is no hesitation in what to do on the day, especially for the poses to be adopted for group or couple photos. installation and use of the photobooth, coverage of the ceremony with the right shots at the right times, etc.
We are guided just right, we do not need to monitor what is done, the photographer knows what to do and wants to do, when, in what way. He knows both to be discreet and to be present when it is necessary. It’s perfect for a wedding day where you have so many other things to think about … You can trust.
The material used fits the needs of wedding photos. And the result is totally up to scratch: technically and artistically.

I recommend it widely for grooms who wish to be serene about the work that their photographer will do.
We, for our part, were delighted by what Studio Art Photographer did.