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Being your wedding photographer means also knowing how to support you before and during the wedding so that you can experience your day in the best possible way. I am by your side all day like a friend, who, in addition to capturing the important moments of this day, assists you with kindness, guiding you through the highlights of your wedding.

I am committed to building connections with your loved ones from the start of the day, so that everyone feels as comfortable as possible, to create the best images where each person appears natural and authentic.

My approach is primarily documentary. Without intervening in the action, I seek to highlight emotions while working on the aesthetics of your photos, to deliver powerful images of these significant moments at the end of this day.

Paris wedding photographer


photographe mariage paris


Discover a preview of the best of 2023 to give you an idea of my artistic sensibility. At the bottom of the page, you will also find wedding slideshows showcasing a collection of images from individual weddings.


Here are the 3 essential elements for a wedding photograph:


Whether the emotion is expressed through tears, exchanged glances, shouts of joy… it is these emotions and frozen moments that will bring your images to life. Therefore, it is crucial for me to focus on capturing and highlighting the emotions that you and your guests will share during your wedding.

Paris wedding photographer


The word « photographer » means writing with light. By definition, light is the primary tool of a photographer.

It is light that will enhance your images. My expertise allows me to make the best use of it for your photos, whether it’s natural light or artificial light (indoor lighting, flash, etc.).

Paris wedding photographer


This final key element will allow for the creation of visually striking images. The search for overlapping planes, the work on framing, and the balance of the photo are elements that will bring aesthetics and strength to your images.

Paris wedding photographer



  • A recognized work with multiple awards from international competitions.
  • Trained annually by the best international wedding photographers.
  • Experience from dozens of weddings each year since 2016.
  • Latest generation professional equipment offering the best results.
  • Wedding professional based in Île-de-France, I work in France and beyond.
  • Individual and meticulous retouching of each of your photos.
  • Building a strong family heritage of images for you and future generations.
  • Certified drone operator by the DGAC to create unique aerial shots.
  • Multiple skills (architecture photographer, event photographer, studio…).
  • High-end wedding album printing.

Member of International Labels :

approche documentaire mettant en avant des instants sur le vif, des moments volés, un sourire, une larme, une situation amusante, construire un reportage avec des images fortes


Paris wedding photographer

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As you can imagine, a professional (like any other service provider) cannot afford to make mistakes on your wedding day. The same applies to you when choosing your service providers.

I would like to highlight two important elements in your selection process :

– Meet your photographer : It is essential to ensure that the connection is good, that trust is established, and that there is a good rapport.

– Go beyond the portfolio : Ask to see a complete wedding reportage or a set of photos from the same wedding. This will give you a more comprehensive idea of the photographer’s work quality and will not limit you to just the « tip of the iceberg. »

Paris wedding photographer


Indeed, it is not difficult for a photographer who has been working for years to compile a very attractive portfolio. However, this does not guarantee the overall quality of their work. Essentially, you could have 5 or 10 very beautiful photos from a wedding, while the rest could be very disappointing.

During our meeting, I propose to share complete wedding reportages with you, showing all the stages of the day. In the meantime, I invite you to view the slideshows at the bottom of the page. I participate in various types of weddings (traditional, secular, Jewish, Indian…). These slideshows alone do not fully represent my work but give you an overview of a full day’s reportage.


The pursuit of creative images is a constant focus. Couple photos in an urban setting, for instance, allow for the creation of these less « reportage » oriented images, yet they are equally interesting to include in your photos.

Paris wedding photographer


Your wedding is also the perfect opportunity to obtain what will likely be your most beautiful couple photos.

Since light plays a very important role in photography, it’s ideal to choose the best time of day for your couple photos. The perfect time slot is around the cocktail hour (in summer).

No need to know how to pose! Throughout this mini session, you will be guided on many points (body position, head, hands, gaze…) so that your photos maintain a natural and spontaneous look.

Paris wedding photographer


Sometimes, future brides and grooms ask me about the importance of photographing the evening part of their wedding. They wonder about the value of including these photos in their reportage.

My answer is unequivocal : What is a wedding without a party?

Paris wedding photographer

These photos are absolutely essential in my eyes. Your reportage must tell the story of this part of the day that concludes your wedding with energy and excitement!

Moreover, from a technical perspective, only an experienced professional can cover this part of the day due to the lack of light and the necessary mastery of artificial lighting.


Discover the feedback from recent newlyweds. For more reviews, check out the Google reviews.

« We hired Jean-Baptiste for our wedding, and what a stroke of luck to have found him! A very professional, attentive, and talented photographer. Jean-Baptiste works discreetly and knows how to capture every key moment, every smile, and every emotion of the day! High-quality work and undeniable friendliness, appreciated by all the guests. Beyond being a great professional, you have been a wonderful encounter! Thank you for everything! »

« We are thrilled with Jean-Baptiste’s performance. From the start, he established a personal connection with us to understand what we were looking for. He is friendly, approachable, and flexible. During the wedding, he perfectly combined professionalism and sensitivity. Finally, the end result is magnificent, the photos are sublime, and Jean-Baptiste delivered them in record time! We recommend him 100%! »

Paris wedding photographer


We live in the digital age and are inundated with digital photos. Your wedding photos need to stand out! Technologies evolve, CDs disappear, USB ports change, the JPEG format tends to disappear… Computing is fallible, and it is difficult to ensure good preservation on a digital medium.

Wedding albums are carefully crafted and assembled in professional photography workshops that collaborate with photographers from around the world. Printed on silver halide photographic paper, they are designed with quality materials, offering a beautiful presentation and remarkable longevity for your photos.

aperçu albums photo de mariage

They represent an investment in your family heritage of images that you will cherish for a lifetime. As a wedding photographer, I highly recommend these albums for your photo reportage. Several options will be presented to you during our meeting.

For a preview, take a look at the « Nature » wedding album collection.

album photographe mariage paris


Weddings and corporate events book photographers’ schedules in Paris well in advance. To ensure my availability, contact me now. I will first offer a Zoom meeting followed by an in-person meeting to get to know each other and to present my work as a photographer in more detail.

Paris wedding photographer

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